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How To Apply your Reflective Decal

      For BEST Results apply to material with 5% or less Lycra/Spandex stretch

Laundering Care Instructions

  Warm water wash.   Hand wash or gentle cycle.   Cold air dryer or hang dry.   No bleach. 

TOUCH-UP CARE INSTRUCTIONS:  If you experience peeling of the reflective material after laundering – using the pressing cardboard, repeat Step 3.

Instructions for 3M® Heat Transfer (Iron-On)  Decals Reflective Design Application

You will need:
• An iron, you will only be using the “Dry” setting)
• Ironing board or a flat sturdy surface
• Scrap reflective material for practice

Let’s Begin...
1- Pre-heat the iron (“cotton” setting, or 325⁰F) and lightly press your fabric to remove wrinkles
2- With the white side UP, dry-fit the design layout (avoid placing reflective design on seams)
3- Starting at one end, press the iron down on the design and hold for 5-10 seconds. Repeat this step over each part of the design.
4- Cover the design with the pressing cardboard and repeat Step 3
5- Allow the fabric to
COOL completely.
6- Gently peel off the white backing paper at an angle to reveal the reflective design
7- Press one more time to set the design – cover the design with the pressing cardboard and repeat Step 3

Once the fabric has 
cooled completely– your design is ready to wear and use!