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Reflective Umbrellas
Reflective room carries Reflective Accessories and Reflective Umbrellas

Simon Druker talks street safety on Breakfast Television. Check out his scarf!

Reflective Room

" Dear RR,
I must share with you that when I walked my dog  yesterday at night, a car actually stopped at a corner and the man driving thanked me for wearing the white scarf!

I guess it works!"

Reflective Scarves
Reflective Bandanas
Reflective Room HiVi accessories for people and pets

Reflective Accessories for People & Pets

Reflective Hats
  • Made from recycled umbrellas
  • Non-medical face cover
  • Adjustable for perfect fit
  • Wash & Wear quick-dry fabric
  • 100% polyester

$12 each

2 for $20

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Reflective Room HiVi accessories for people and pets

Wash & Wear

Face Covers


Crafted in Vancouver, BC.

The Reflective Room carries a unique selection of reflective & high-vizibility umbrellas & accessories for people & pets.